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Country Focus: Finlandia

Ruolo dell'industria cinematografica in Finlandia - Agosto 2008

22/08/2008 - The article Film production plays minor role in Finnish economy, written by Aku Alanen and published in Tieto&Trendit 3/2008 Journal of Statistics Finland, focuses on film production and its impact on the Finnish economy.
The role of film production (=motion picture an video production) in the Finnish economy can be evaluated under various conceptual reference frameworks, such as visual culture, the film cluster or the experience economy.
It is also possible to talk about broad and narrow film industry clusters, in other words, either operations that are closely associated with film, or entire value chains of which film production forms one part.
The broad cluster takes into account all the activities associated with the film economy, as detailed in the article.

(L'articolo continua qui sotto - Inf. pubblicitaria)

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pdf (328 kb) Film production plays minor role in Finnish economy



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