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Country Focus: Romania

2009 sees 60% increase in b.o. takings


- Romania broke all its records in 2009. Revenue from the film industry rose by 43% compared to 2008, and box office takings went up by 60%.

The popularity of 3D films and the growth in multiplexes are the main factors in Romania’s increased film industry and box office in 2009. Indeed, most of the box office earnings (95%) were garnered by the 15 multiplexes that have wiped out 38 old communist era cinemas.

In December 2009, Cinema City opened the first IMAX theatre, the AFI Palace Bucharest. Despite the €7 admission price, which is above average for Romanian cinemagoers, the theatre is operating at full capacity. In 2010, Cinema City will open two multiplexes with 15 new screens in Bucharest and Arad.

Moreover, a higher number of admissions, totalling 4.6m, were sold in 2009, compared to the previous year’s 3.2m. Box office for 2009 far exceeded figures from the previous year, to reach €18.77m, compared to €11m in 2008.

The number of new releases rose to a total of 182 in 2009 – 12 more than last year.


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