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by Lancelot von Naso


Baghdad. The official war is over, but everyday life is an endless catastrophe. Th situation in Falluja is particularly desolate: hardly any food supplies left, no medicne, medical care in shambles. In the midst of this dramatic situation, the U.S. forces reach an agreement with the rebels: a 24-hour ceasefire. Kim, the Dutch member of an international aid organization, is planning a transport of badly needed supplies to a hospital in the war zone with Alain, a doctor. Assisting them is Oliver, a young journalist who hopes to finally land a spectacular story. Forming a community of conflicting interests, the three very different idealists all want to save lives ? but first they have to save their own...

international title: Ceasefire
original title: Waffenstillstand
country: Germany
sales agent: Beta Cinema
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Lancelot von Naso
release date: DE 01/04/2010
screenplay: Lancelot von Naso, Kai-Uwe Hasenheit, Collin McMahon
cast: Thekla Reuten, Matthias Habich, Hannes Jaenicke, Max von Pufendorf, Husam Chadat
cinematography by: Felix Cramer
film editing: Vincent Assmann, Kilian von Keyserlingk
costumes designer: Annette Lofy, Oliver Hoese
music: Oliver Thiede
producer: Florian Deyle, Martin Richter, Dario Suter, Klaus Dohle, Dirk Hamm, Oliver Koenig
production: Drife Productions, DCM Pictures, Erfttal Film, Creado Film AG, Koenig Invest, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), ARTE France
backing: German Federal Film Board (FFA), FilmFernsehFonds Bayern
distributor: Falcom Media GmbH