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by María Lidón Ibañez (Luna)


In a nearby future, the first manned mission to Mars crashes against the surface of the planet and the surviving astronauts find themselves in a desperate situation. Three crew members must sacrifice themselves so that the remaining two may survive. The chosen ones descend to the depths of the Red Planet that will lead to the discovery of an ancient mistery that may hold the key to their salvation.

international title: STRANDED
original title: STRANDED (NÁUFRAGOS)
country: Spain
sales agent: Sogepaq
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: María Lidón Ibañez (Luna)
film run: 101'
release date: ES 12/04/2002
screenplay: Juan Miguel Aguilera
cast: Joaquin Almeida, Vincent Gallo, María Lidón, Dany Lorente, José Sancho, Maria de Medeiros
cinematography by: Ricardo Aronovich
film editing: Luis de la Madrid
art director: Manolo Martín
costumes designer: Astrid Brucker
music: Javier Navarrete
producer: Stefan Nicoll
production: Niggeman Indie Films, Dolores Pictures, Antena 3, Vía Digital, Guerrilla Films, Sogepaq, Generalitat Valenciana
distributor: Aire Films S.L.