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by Colorado Velcu, Philip Scheffner


AND-EK GHES... means: ONE FINE DAY... A song, a promise to the beloved, to the children, to oneself. Members of the Velcu family from Faţa Luncii, Romania, move to Berlin and perform themselves into a possible future.

international title: And-Ek Ghes...
original title: And-Ek Ghes...
country: Germany
year: 2016
genre: animation
directed by: Colorado Velcu, Philip Scheffner
film run: 94'
screenplay: Colorado Velcu, Philip Scheffner, Merle Kröger
cinematography by: Colorado Velcu, Philip Scheffner
producer: Merle Kröger, Alex Gerbaulet
production: Pong, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg - RBB