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by Roland Vranik


The Citizen follows Wilson, who, after losing his entire family to the horrors of war and making the perilous journey to Europe as a political refugee, settles for a sedate life as a security guard in a Budapest shopping center. However, Wilson is driven by a quest: to become a model Hungarian citizen and to do so at any cost.

international title: The Citizen
original title: Az állampolgár
country: Hungary
sales agent: Hungarian National Film Fund
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Roland Vranik
film run: 108'
screenplay: Roland Vranik, Iván Szabó
cast: Dr. Cake-Baly Marcelo, Ágnes Máh, Arghavan Shekari
cinematography by: Imre Juhasz
film editing: Lili Makk
art director: Endre Bagyarik
costumes designer: Kriszta Szakos
music: Csaba Kalotás
producer: Károly Fehér
production: PopFilm