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Michel Saint-Jean • Producer

"A blend of senses and pleasure"

Michel Saint-Jean • Producer

A hallmark of quality cinema, Diaphana has been producing and distributing films by Dominik Moll, Ken...  


Yannis Sakaridis  • Director

“Refugees are victims of a corrupt system well orchestrated in destroying”

Yannis Sakaridis • Director

First unveiled in the Agora, Yannis Sakaridis’ well-travelled refugee drama Amerika Square returns to...  


Amr Salama  • Director

“I feel that saying that some people lack humanity is not right”

Amr Salama • Director

At the Cairo Film Festival, Cineuropa talked to Amr Salama, the director of Sheikh Jackson, which...  


Ayhan Salar  • Director

"Separation leaves deep cuts in our lives"

Ayhan Salar • Director

Cineuropa met up with Ayhan Salar, the co-writer, co-director, co-producer and DoP on Verge, his first...  


João Salaviza  • Director

"Bodies have a story to tell"

João Salaviza • Director

Palme d’Or-winning filmmaker João Salaviza looks back at the experience of making his feature debut, Mountain  


Premier Plans Film Festival - Angers 2010

Joao Salaviza - director

The Portuguese director João Salaviza discusses about Arena, Palm d’Or as best short feature at Cannes...  

Ramón Salazar  • Director

“We tried not to make it give way to tear-jerking melodrama”

Ramón Salazar • Director

BERLIN 2018: Ramón Salazar is back at the Berlinale with his fourth film, Sunday’s Illness, an intimate...  

21/02/2018 | Berlin 2018 | Panorama - Tribeca 2018

Ramón Salazar • Director

"I’m starting from scratch"

Ramón Salazar • Director

Malaga-born filmmaker world-premieres his new film at the Seville European Film Festival, after three...  


Tarik Saleh • Director

"A character who fights the totally corrupt systems he belongs to"

Tarik Saleh • Director

Swedish director Tarik Saleh talks to us about the origins of The Nile Hilton Incident, which came out on...  


Lyes Salem • director

Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival 2010

Lyes Salem • director

Interview with director Lyles Salem, whose French/Algerian co-production Mascarades was presented at the...  

Milazim Salihu • Distributor

Multiplexes are the future of distribution in Kosovo

Milazim Salihu • Distributor


Abdul Salis • Actor

"A comedy with a didactic purpose"

Abdul Salis • Actor

The young actor kindly answered our questions, in a distinctive London accent  


Belinda Sallin  • Director

“HR Giger and I were on the same wavelength somehow”

Belinda Sallin • Director

Belinda Sallin reveals her impressions of Hans Ruedi Giger and her thoughts on her intriguing documentary...  


Aleksi Salmenperä - director

Berlinale 2010

Aleksi Salmenperä - director

Finnish director Aleksi Salmenperä tells about the emotional-funny story behind Bad Family, competing at...  

Gustavo Salmerón • Director

“My film rejects all artifice”

Gustavo Salmerón • Director

KARLOVY VARY 2017: Spain's Gustavo Salmerón has taken 14 years to shoot his first feature film, the...  


Jean-Paul Salomé • Director

"Where did the money go?"

Jean-Paul Salomé • Director

Funding concentration is threatening the diversity of independent films, warns the film director, shortly...