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Sex and feelings in 3D in Brizzi’s Com'è bello far l'amore


Sex and feelings in 3D in Brizzi’s Com'è bello far l'amore

When Fausto Brizzi came up with the idea of shooting his new film in 3D, his producers (Wildside and Medusa Film) were initially sceptical: costs which rise up to 20% nd cumbersome, capricious machinery, which needs constant calibrating. All for a romantic comedy: would it be worth it? Now that his film Com'è bello far l'amore [+see also:
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is about to invade Italian cinemas (it comes out February 10 in 600 copies distributed by Medusa, for the most part in 3D), it is up to the audiences to decide whether the game (which cost €6.5M) will have been worth the candle.

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On the other hand, there is little doubt of the box office success of a film such as this one. Originally called Sex in 3D ("a title which would have worked very well internationally, but which would have distanced families", the director explains), Com'è bello far l'amore, the definitive title which is inspired on the refrain from the song Tanti auguri, by popular Italian icon Raffaella Carrà, is packed with all the ingredients which appeal to the wider public. The plot: Andrea (Fabio De Luigi) and Giulia (Claudia Gerini) are married, with a teenage son, and they are not having sex. The arrival of Max, an old friend of Giulia’s and a professional porn star (Filippo Timi as never seen before), will upset the couple’s sleepy rhythm, aided by his colleague on set Vanessa (Giorgia Wurth).

The result is a comedy that mixes sex with fine sentiments, irony with trash, nostalgic moments with naked scenes, a range of laughs with various thrills (being sponsored by a well-known brand of sex products, the film is full of situations featuring condoms, vibrating rings, and inflatable dolls). The whole thing is peppered with tributes to cinema (the film opens on the Lumière brothers who, tasked with deciding on the subject of their first shoot, decide to film their beautiful naked cousin taking a bath, forget the train in a station) as well as a few pokes at art-house films, especially those of Bellocchio and Lars Von Trier, which are so boring that people only go to see them to smooch. "There is no harm in a bit of student spirit. Bellocchio is a friend of mine and I think he would have been offended if I hadn’t made reference to him", explains an amused Brizzi.

One question remains however: why shoot a romantic comedy in 3D? "Reality is three-dimensional and all films should be shot as such, because the effect is more realistic, you laugh or cry more", says Brizzi. Meanwhile, Com'è bello far l'amore will cross the ocean: the film has been chosen to open the Los Angeles, Italia - Film, Fashion and Art Fest on February 19 at Hollywood’s Chinese 6 Theatre, an event dedicated to Italian cinema where Dario Argento will present 25 minutes of his next work, also in 3D, Dracula 3D, in world premiere.

(Translated from Italian)

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