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Alexandre Aja directs Campfire Creepers, the first Oculus VR horror series


- The French horror specialist is partnering up with Oculus and Spanish VR studio Future Lighthouse to explore VR terror

Alexandre Aja directs Campfire Creepers, the first Oculus VR horror series
Robert Englund (left) and Alexandre Aja on the set of Campfire Creepers

French director Alexandre Aja is behind the first Oculus-produced virtual-reality horror series, entitled Campfire Creepers, a live-action terror anthology where urban and horror legends will be narrated in VR and 360-degree vision. Legendary actor Robert Englund, best known as Freddy Krueger from the 1980s A Nightmare on Elm Street horror franchise, will put in a guest appearance in the first episode as “an old man of the forests that collect heads”.

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The first season of Campfire Creepers has been co-created and written by Aja, Casey Cooper Johnson (who is also participating in MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2017) and Martin Andersen. The series draws its inspiration from cult TV series like Tales from the Crypt and 1980s horror films. The viewer is invited to join a circular campfire, where each of the young campers starts telling scary stories to the group, forcing everyone to face some of their darkest fears and nightmares. Every story will be presented in a different episode, offering a wider audience the option to feel more deeply involved with immersive content, and pushing VR narration towards new boundaries in order to enhance the viewers’ experience.  

Oculus and Aja have partnered up with Madrid-based VR studio Future Lighthouse – known for the festival-selected films TomorrowRay and Melita – while WME has backed the deal. According to the studio, Campfire Creepers is also pushing the limits of VR technology, as an 11-camera rig with cameras built almost from scratch is being used, since the gear that was already available on the market was not sufficient. New techniques in camerawork are also being used, including extensive macro shots, risky scenes and edgy editing.

The filming of Campfire Creepers has already started in Madrid, and two episodes have been confirmed so far. They are scheduled to be released exclusively via the Oculus store this Halloween.

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