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My Worst Nightmare

Trailer [de-CH]

by Anne Fontaine

mp4 (640x360) [4798 kb]

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Agathe runs an art gallery. Her husband François is a publisher. Together they have one son, and in every way seem to be the picture of normality — but emotions are stewing under the surface. All it takes is the arrival of a complete stranger for things to start unravelling. Patrick is brash, uncouth and totally unselfconscious. When François hires him to do some work around the house, the fireworks begin. Agathe is initially horrified by Patrick’s misdeeds, but since her marriage is “like Antarctica,” she begins to respond to Patrick’s outlandish personality and damnit- all attitude. François, meanwhile, is drawn to an attractive young blonde. Agathe finds herself strolling the aisles in Ikea for the first time in her life, while François embarks on tree-hugging excursions with his outdoorsy new girlfriend.

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