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Century of Women: cuatro miradas femeninas a un mismo siglo


- En inglés: El documentalista Uli Gaulke empezará esta primavera el rodaje del proyecto que reúne a cuatro formidables centenarias de todo el mundo

Century of Women: cuatro miradas femeninas a un mismo siglo
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Este artículo está disponible en inglés.

Documentarian Uli Gaulke (who was behind Havanna mi amorPink Taxi and, more recently, Die Ostdeutschen - 25 Wege in ein neues Leben, a documentary series on East Germans) will this spring finally get around to shooting a project that production outfit Fruitmarket Arts & Media (Cologne) announced has been in search of funding since 2016: Century of Women

The project, the inspiration for which Gaulke drew from a leitmotif from One Hundred Years of Solitude, was written by the director himself and has been supported by the FFA to the tune of €80,000. It will follow a day in the life of four women from four different parts of the world – a Japanese photographer, a Panamanian actress in exile in Austria, a Jewish runner from New York and an Indian environmental activist – who have one thing in common: they are all centenarians. These ladies have lived remarkable lives and have contributed to changing the world, each in her own way, but they have also borne witness to 100 years of history, which nevertheless does not stop them from making plans for the future.

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Century of Women is being produced by Arne Birkenstock and Merle Rueffer. The film’s cinematography has been entrusted to a DoP who specialises in the field of documentary, Marcus Winterbauer.

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