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by Igaal Niddam


Two brothers find themselves reunited in Israel after years of silence. Dan who has been living for the last 25 years in a secular kibbutz, runs up against the religious convictions of his brother Aharon, who came from the United States to defend the rights of Torah Students.

international title: Brothers
original title: Brothers
country: Switzerland
sales agent: Eurovision Fiction
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Igaal Niddam
film run: 115'
release date: CH 28/01/2008, FR 21/04/2010
screenplay: Igaal Niddam, David Belhassen, Roy Katsiri
cast: Baruch Brener, Orna Fitoussi, Micha Selectar, Sharon Malki-Schemech, Itaï Ganot, Schmulik Wolf
cinematography by: Claudio Steinberg
film editing: Maya Schmid, Kobi Natanael
costumes designer: Dany Bar-Shaï
producer: Nasser Bakhti, Igaal Niddam, Philippe Berthet
production: Troubadour Films, Radio Télévision Suisse
distributor: Moa Distribution, Les Acacias

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