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by Ramón Térmens


An ex-convict, an unemployed immigrant and a successful businessman are the three main characters of this portrayal of inner Catalonia. Three stories showing a conflicting society forced to reinvent itself or collapse.

original title: Catalunya über alles
country: Spain
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Ramón Térmens
release date: ES 30/09/2011
screenplay: Ramón Térmens, Daniel Faraldo
cast: Jordi Dauder, Gonzalo Cunill, Vicky Peña, Angels Bassas, Babou Cham, Boris Ruiz, Joel Joan
cinematography by: Oriol Bosch Vazquez
film editing: Víctor H. Torner
art director: Albert Arribas
music: Glissando
producer: Víctor H. Torner, Ramon Térmens
production: Segarra Films

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