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by Hagar Ben Asher


Tamar, 35, a beautiful young woman, lives alone with her two daughters. She can’t restrain her sexual appetite and gives herself to several men of the village. Shai, a young veterinary, just moved in the region and soon falls under the spell of Tamar. They quickly become lovers but will Tamar be satisfied with only one partner?

international title: The Slut
original title: Hanotenet
country: Israel, Germany
sales agent: Films Distribution
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Hagar Ben Asher
film run: 87'
release date: FR 11/07/2012
screenplay: Hagar Ben Asher
cast: Hagar Ben Asher, Ishai Golan, Icho Avital, Yoav Levi, Tzahi Hanan, Stav Yanai, Daria Forman
cinematography by: Amit Yasour
film editing: Asaf Korman
art director: Shunit Aharoni
costumes designer: Li Alembik
music: Jed Kurzel
producer: Marek Rozenbaum, Benny Drechsel
production: Rohfilm GmbH, Transfax Film Production (IL)
backing: TorinoFilmLab, World Cinema Fund, Cinéfondation
distributor: Zootrope Films

main awards/selection

Cannes 2011 Semaine de la Critique

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