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by Joachim Lafosse


Murielle and Mounir love each other passionately. Ever since he was a boy, the young man has been living with Doctor Pinget who provides him with a comfortable life. When Mounir and Murielle decide to marry and have children, the couple’s dependence on the doctor becomes excessive. Murielle finds herself caught up in an unhealthy emotional climate that insidiously leads the family towards a tragic outcome.

international title: Our Children
original title: A perdre la raison
country: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland
sales agent: Les Films du Losange
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Joachim Lafosse
film run: 114'
release date: BE 30/05/2012, FR 22/08/2012, NL 13/09/2012, PT 21/02/2013, GB 10/05/2013
screenplay: Thomas Bidegain, Joachim Lafosse, Matthieu Reynaert
cast: Émilie Dequenne, Niels Arestrup, Tahar Rahim, Stéphane Bissot, Mounia Raoui, Baya Belal, Nathalie Boutefeu
cinematography by: Jean-François Hensgens
film editing: Sophie Vercruysse
art director: Anna Falguères
producer: Jacques-Henri Bronckart, Olivier Bronckart, Sylvie Pialat, Jani Thiltges, Thierry Spicher, Nino Lombardo
production: Versus Production, Les Films du Worso, Samsa Film, Box Productions, Prime Time, RTBF - Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française
backing: MEDIA Programme
distributor: O'Brother Distribution, Les Films du Losange, Benelux film Distributors Netherlands (BFD), Peccadillo Pictures


main awards/selection

Cannes Film Festival 2012Un Certain Regard, Best actress (Emilie Dequenne)
Cabourg Film Festival 2012
Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2012
La Rochelle Film Festival 2012
Paris Cinéma 2012
New Horizons Film Festival 2012
Zurich Film Festival 2012
Hamburg Film Festival 2012
New York Film Festival 2012
São Paulo International Film Festival 2012
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2012
Göteborg International Film Festival 2013
Portland International Film Festival 2013
CPH PIX 2013

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