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by Ricky Rijneke


A young Hungarian woman wakes up inside a crashed car in the middle of nowhere, not knowing where her brother Isti is. Upset and alone, she leaves aboard a cargo ship to keep a promise she made to him. Once at sea, she withdraws into a dream world and loses grip on her life completely.

international title: Silent Ones
original title: Silent Ones
country: Netherlands, Hungary
sales agent: Wide Management
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Ricky Rijneke
cast: Orsi Tóth, Fatih Dervisoglu, Roland Rába
cinematography by: Jean-Paul de Zaetijd, Gergely Pohárnok
film editing: Nina Petrovna, Ricky Rijneke
music: Andrey Dergachev
producer: Dick Rijneke, Mildred van Leeuwaarden
production: Rotterdam Films

main awards/selection

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013

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