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by Álvaro Sáenz de Heredia


Luis is a lucky guy, who has everything going for him. Good-looking, affable, he's managed to make people believe he's a writer, though he doesn't, in fact, do much writing. Of course, he has all the women he wants and is, in fact, a kept man, having fallen into the throes of Marga, a rich, forty-year-old, she-wolf, who's promised him a good lead into her husband, a publisher, for his novel.

international title: SWEET HEART
original title: CORAZÓN DE BOMBÓN
country: Spain
sales agent: Grupo Pi International Sales
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Álvaro Sáenz de Heredia
film run: 91'
release date: ES 09/02/2001
screenplay: Marga Mareo
cast: Javier Martín, Valeria Marini, Ágata Lys, Neus Asensi, Agustín González
cinematography by: Tomás Más
film editing: Alberto G. Triguero
music: Mario de Benito
producer: Álvaro Sáenz de Heredia
production: Antena 3, Cartel P.A., Vía Digital, Producciones A.S.H. Films S.A.
distributor: Lauren Films

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