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by Jean Cubaud


Parva, 17, leads a peaceful existence with her friend Lula. She’s unaware that at the exact moment she was born, a block of exceptionally pure sapphire crashed to earth. Touched by this cosmic grace, Parva is a creature of light, gifted with a magic radiance that links her – although she doesn’t know it – to Prince Shiva, who lives thousands of miles away.

original title: LA LÉGENDE DE PARVA
country: France, Italy
year: 2002
genre: animation
directed by: Jean Cubaud
film run: 85'
release date: FR 12.02.03, IT 21.11.03
screenplay: Vincenzo Cerami
film editing: Jean Cubaud
music: Paul Racer, Matt Camison
producer: Martine Rudler
production: Carrère Group, Filmauro, Rainbow Studio, Quoiqu'il en soit (FR)
distributor: Carrère Group (FR), Filmauro (IT)

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