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by Rémi Waterhouse


An apartment building is a breeding ground for drama, and the annual meeting of the body corporate a scene where things are likely to explode.
The ties that bind owners to their property can be emotional, financial or familial – a combination that quickly gets people’s heads spinning.

international title: The Landlords
original title: Mille millièmes, fantasie immobilière
country: France
sales agent: Playtime
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Rémi Waterhouse
film run: 90'
release date: FR 07/08/2002, BE 14/08/2003, IT 22/08/2003
screenplay: Rémi Waterhouse, Eric Vicaut
cast: Patrick Chesnais, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Albert Delpy, Grégori Dérangère, Suzanne Flon, Irène Jacob
cinematography by: François Catonné
film editing: Marc Daquin
art director: Ivan Maussion
costumes designer: Annie Perier
producer: Laurent Bénégui
production: Magouric Productions, Diaphana, M6 Films, Canal+, Cofimage 12, SGTI
distributor: Diaphana Distribution, Les Films de L'Elysée, Mikado

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