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by Maya Kenig


After years of being separated from her father, Libby, a rebellious teen, is sent to Israel to live with him while the Second Lebanon War rages in the background. But her father, Shaul, who turns out to be a flaky inventor, is "between apartments". With nowhere to live, he comes up with a brilliant plan. The two of them will pose as refugees from the North, seeking shelter from the bombardments with a family in Jerusalem who offers to put them up based on this false pretense. Finally in a"normal" household, Libby and Shaul start to build their father-daughter relationship. But the phony identities and lies take their toll. Libby feels estranged and unwanted by her egocentric Dad, and the chaotic atmosphere caused by the war doesn't help. In a desperate attempt to be noticed, Libby takes a step into adulthood from which there is no return.

international title: Off-White Lies
original title: Orhim le-rega
country: Israel, France
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Maya Kenig
film run: 86'
release date: FR 12/06/2013
screenplay: Maya Kenig, Dana Dimant
cast: Gur Bentwich, Elya Inbar, Tzahi Grad, Arad Yeni, Salit Achi-Miriam
cinematography by: Itai Vinograd
film editing: Or Ben David
art director: Ido Dolev
costumes designer: Yael Kredo
producer: Yoav Roeh, Aurit Zamir
co-producer: Janja Kralj
production: KinoElektron, Gum Films
backing: Israel Film Fund, Jerusalem Film and Television Fund
distributor: Solaris Distribution


main awards/selection

Jerusalem Film Festival 2011 
Pusan International Film Festival 2011 
Palm Springs International Film Festival 2012 
Berlin International Film Festival 2012 
Paris Israeli Film Festival 2012 
Edmonton International Film Festival 2012 
St. Louis International Film Festival 2012 
New York City, New York 2012 
Annonay Film Festival 2013 
Portland International Film Festival 2013 

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