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by Anton Källrot


A group of young people isolated in an old house in the countryside are searching for a cure against today’s hyper individualism. Sara and Simon initiated the retreat together but as Simon starts acting more and more as a cult leader they both lose control over the group.

international title: The Modern Project
original title: Det moderna projektet
country: Sweden
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Anton Källrot
film run: 82'
release date: SE 4/02/2016
screenplay: Anton Källrot, Ylva Olaison, Jonathan Silén
cast: Karin Bengtsson, Sigmund Hovind, Ylva Olaison, Sally Palmquist Procopé, Jonathan Silén, Eric Stern
cinematography by: Kenneth Svedlund
film editing: Anton Källrot, Anneli Ossiander, Hanna Storby
art director: Emma Örn
music: Anna Haglund
producer: Anton Källrot, Camilla Malmberg, Ylva Olaison, Jonathan Silén
production: Ögat Film
distributor: SFI- Swedish Film Institute


main awards/selection

Moscow International Film Festival 2016 

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