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by Francois-Jacques Ossang


9 FINGERS opens like in a film noir: at night, in a train station, a man called Magloire runs from a police control. With no luggage and no future. No sooner has he found a huge amount of money than trouble begins. A gang on his heels will soon make him a hostage then an accomplice. It is Kurtz’s gang. After an aborted break-in, they all have to flee aboard a cargo ship with a dangerous volatile freight. Nothing happens as it was supposed to be – poison and madness contaminate everybody. Kurtz’s men seem to be the pawns of a conspiracy led by the mysterious “9 Fingers”..

international title: 9 Fingers
original title: 9 Doigts
country: France, Portugal
sales agent: Capricci Films
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Francois-Jacques Ossang
film run: 99'
screenplay: Francois-Jacques Ossang
cast: Gaspard Ulliel, Paul Hamy, Damien Bonnard, Pascal Greggory, Lisa Hartmann, Alexis Manenti, Diogo Dória, Lionel Tua, Elvire, Susana Afonso Lopes
cinematography by: Simon Roca
art director: Rafael Mathé
costumes designer: Karine Charpentier
producer: Sébastien Haguenauer, Luís Urbano
production: 10:15! Productions, OSS/100 Films & Documents, O Som e a Fúria
distributor: O Som e a Fúria, OSS/100 Films & Documents


main awards/selection

Locarno 2017Competition, Pardo for Best Director
Rotterdam 2018Signatures

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