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by Amos Kollek


Val, a twenty-three-year old French actress, arrives in New York, ready to take the Big Apple by storm. Living a hand to mouth existence, she passes her time juggling odd jobs and auditions. A screenwriter lacking inspiration and a psychopathic lesbian are just some of the people she comes across.
Things go from bad to worse, but Val has promised her mother that she'd become a star. And sometimes life turns out to be a fairy tale come true.

international title: HAPPY END
original title: HAPPY END
country: France, United States
sales agent: Wild Bunch
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Amos Kollek
film run: 88'
release date: FR 24.12.03
screenplay: Amos Kollek
cast: Audrey Tautou, Justin Théroux, Jennifer Tilly, Laila Robins, Catherine Curtain, Franck Pellegrino, Jenna Lamia, Juan Carlos Hernandez
cinematography by: Ken Kelsch
film editing: Jeffrey Marc Harkavy, Luc Barnier
art director: Deana Sidney
costumes designer: Kathryn Nixon
music: Chico Freeman
producer: Frédéric Robbes, Alain Sarde
production: FRP - Frédéric Robbes Productions, Les Films Alain Sarde
distributor: Mars Films Distribution

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