Disappearance (2016)
A Paris Education (2018)
Lemonade (2018)
Nico, 1988 (2017)
Arrhythmia (2017)
Custody (2017)
9 Fingers (2017)
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Weekly feature introducing you to film professionals from all over Europe sorted by name.

3896 interviews available in total starting from 14/05/2002. Last updated on 20/04/2018. 486 interviews inserted in the last 12 months.


Marcin Łunkiewicz • VR producer

"VR shouldn't be reduced to a mere experience"

Marcin Łunkiewicz • VR producer

We sat down to chat with Marcin Łunkiewicz, founder of mimo.ooo, who has hosted a master class on Virtual Reality Cinema at the Let's CEE Film Festival  


Jean-Paul Civeyrac • Director

"I like films where heroism is questioned"

Jean-Paul Civeyrac • Director

Jean-Paul Civeyrac tells us about his new film, the superb and romantic A Paris Education, very popular at the Berlin Film Festival and out today in French...  


Elena Trapé  • Director

“My intention was to shoot a film that makes you feel uncomfortable”

Elena Trapé • Director

Catalonian filmmaker Elena Trapé is competing in the official section of Málaga with her second fiction film, The Distances, which was executive-produced by...  

18/04/2018 | Málaga 2018

Franck Ribière • Director

"People want to watch the films they want, when they want and for a decent price"

Franck Ribière • Director

We spoke to Franck Ribière, who world-premiered his new film, The Most Assassinated Woman in the World at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival  


Heleen Gerritsen  • Director, goEast Film Festival

“These are troubled, but also interesting, times”

Heleen Gerritsen • Director, goEast Film Festival

We chatted to the new festival and artistic director of goEast, Heleen Gerritsen, on the eve of the gathering’s 18th edition  


Luciano Accomando • Director

"I wanted to approach immigration from another point of view – as a resource"

Luciano Accomando • Director

Luciano Accomando chatted to Cineuropa at the 19th Lecce European Film Festival about his documentary Immagine dal vero, which talks about successful...  

16/04/2018 | Lecce 2018

Marie Garel-Weiss • Director

"I wanted talk about what happens when you stop taking drugs and life starts to become possible"

Marie Garel-Weiss • Director

French director and screenwriter Marie Garel-Weiss tells us about her first feature film, The Party's Over, in competition at the 19th Lecce European Film...  

13/04/2018 | Lecce 2018

Mateo Gil  • Director

“I was always tempted by the idea of making a comedy”

Mateo Gil • Director

After his forays into thriller, western and sci-fi territory, Spanish director Mateo Gil is boldly sinking his teeth into comedy with The Laws of Thermodynamics  

13/04/2018 | Málaga 2018

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