Jupiter's Moon (2017)
BPM (Beats Per Minute) (2017)
Makala (2017)
A Ciambra (2017)
In the Fade (2017)
Montparnasse Bienvenue (2017)
Happy End (2017)
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Weekly feature introducing you to film professionals from all over Europe sorted by name.

3478 interviews available in total starting from 14/05/2002. Last updated on 27/05/2017. 408 interviews inserted in the last 12 months.


Fatih Akin  • Director

“As a producer, I protect myself as a director”

Fatih Akin • Director

CANNES 2017: We spoke to German director Fatih Akin about his new thriller, In the Fade, which is taking part in the competition at Cannes this year  


Annarita Zambrano  • Director

“A generation held hostage by violence”

Annarita Zambrano • Director

CANNES 2017: We met up with Annarita Zambrano, the only female Italian director at Cannes, whose film, After the War, is screening in the Un Certain Regard...  


Emmanuel Gras • Director

"The enormous effort these people make to live "

Emmanuel Gras • Director

CANNES 2017: We chatted to French filmmaker Emmanuel Gras, who unveiled his documentary Makala in competition in the Cannes Critics’ Week  


Roberto De Paolis • Director

“Losing my virginity”

Roberto De Paolis • Director

CANNES 2017: At the age of 37, Rome native Roberto De Paolis has revealed his first film, Pure Hearts, at Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes  


Santiago Mitre  • Director

“Politics swallows up everything”

Santiago Mitre • Director

CANNES 2017: Argentinian director Santiago Mitre talks to us about The Summit, a production with Europe that is taking part in Un Certain Regard and delves...  


Bruno Dumont  • Director

"Real arthouse film is a kind of film that brings you face to face with the other"

Bruno Dumont • Director

CANNES 2017: Bruno Dumont talks about different cultures, evil, and his new film Jeannette, a musical comedy about the childhood of Joan of Arc  


Sharunas Bartas • Director


Sharunas Bartas • Director

CANNES 2017: We met up with Lithuanian auteur Sharunas Bartas to discuss his latest film Frost, presented in the Directors' Fortnight  


Léonor Serraille  • Director

"An open door to a great narrative freedom"

Léonor Serraille • Director

CANNES 2017: We sat down with French director Léonor Serraille, who has just unveiled her feature debut, Montparnasse Bienvenüe, in Cannes’ Un Certain Regard  


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