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Nuovi vertici all'ICA portoghese


- In inglese: Luís Chaby Vaz e Fátima Mineiro sono il nuovo presidente e vicepresidente dell'Istituto del Cineme e dell'Audiovisivo Portoghese

Nuovi vertici all'ICA portoghese

Questo articolo è disponibile solo in inglese.

Filomena Serras Pereira and Ana Costa Dias have resigned from Portugal’s film body, the ICA. Less than two days later, the Ministry of Culture replaced the former president and vice-president with Luís Chaby Vaz and Fátima Mineiro, who will begin in their new roles from June onwards.

Pereira and Dias, who had managed the ICA since 2014, leave during a period of great opposition from several industry associations, following the selection of the SECA juries and in view of the overall policy for the film and audiovisual sector. This opposition has led to several protests in recent months, during the latest Berlinale and also in Portugal itself (read more).

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Pereira and Dias have not publicly revealed the reason behind their decision. The Ministry of Culture, on the other hand, announced that their departure “was due to the fact that the former president and vice-president considered that they no longer enjoyed the necessary conditions to assume their positions. It was not due to a negative judgement from our side about their job. We do need new faces, though, in these controversial times for the audiovisual sector. We believe we will overcome these controversies.”

Luís Chaby Vaz is a lawyer and consultant, and was formerly a sub-director of Porto’s São João National Theatre and the manager of Lisbon’s D Maria II National Theatre. Fátima Mineiro is also a lawyer and specialises in copyright systems.

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