The Nothing Factory (2017)
The Charmer (2017)
Mademoiselle Paradis (2017)
One Step Behind the Seraphim (2017)
The Nile Hilton Incident (2017)
The Square (2017)
On Body and Soul (2017)
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25 September 2017

San Sebastián 2017 – Competition

Memoir of Pain: The face of suffering

San Sebastián 2017 – Official Selection

So Help Me God: The rawness of reality

San Sebastian 2017 – New Directors

Blue My Mind: A charming yet dangerous emotional rollercoaster

San Sebastián 2017 – TVE Gala

Holy Camp!: Sing, go with the flow and be happy

22 September 2017

San Sebastián 2017 – New Directors

The Charmer: In search of your true identity

Film – Italy

Babylon Sisters: Friendship with a hint of Bollywood

San Sebastián 2017 – Competition

Submergence: Down into the abyss

21 September 2017

Films – Slovenia/Croatia

Ivan: Tough questions about whom we love the most

20 September 2017

Films – France

My Son: "It’s not up to you to investigate"

19 September 2017

Toronto 2017 – Platform

What Will People Say: Girl, interrupted

Toronto 2017 – Discovery

The Garden: Family secrets

18 September 2017

Toronto 2017 – Masters

Rainbow – A Private Affair: Waging war on your inner enemy

Toronto 2017 – Contemporary World Cinema

Tulipani: Love, Honour and a Bicycle: When dreams come true

Toronto 2017 – Special Presentations

You Disappear: A fragmented, personal experience

Toronto 2017 – Gala Presentations

Kings: An ode to silent heroes

Toronto 2017 – Special Presentations

The Guardians: A feminist WWI war film

Toronto 2017 – Platform

If You Saw His Heart: Love on the edge

15 September 2017

Films – Romania

One Step Behind the Seraphim: The intriguing faces of betrayal

Toronto 2017 – Platform

Euphoria: There is no happy ending

Toronto 2017 – Closing

C'est la vie!: “Let’s just calm down, and adapt”

Toronto 2017 – Platform

Dark River: A bleak folk dirge to bury the past

Toronto 2017 – Discovery

Valley of Shadows: A monster calls

Toronto 2017 – Special Presentations

Thelma: Love can tear you apart

14 September 2017

Toronto 2017 – Special Presentations

Disobedience: A passion for freedom

13 September 2017

Toronto 2017 – Discovery

The Swan: A coming-of-age fable with hints of magical realism

Toronto 2017 – Special Presentations

Plonger: "I need to disappear"

Toronto 2017 – Discovery

Gutland: Adapt or be expelled

Toronto 2017 – Contemporary World Cinema

The Journey: Exploring the reality behind terrorism

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