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2666 news (distribution / releases / exhibitors) available in total starting from 24/06/2005. Last updated on 12/12/2017. 29 news (distribution / releases / exhibitors) inserted in the last 12 months.

01 March 2012

Releases – Portugal

Portuguese cinema’s spring

29 February 2012

Releases – Italy

Nanni Moretti distributes the Taviani’s Golden Bear

Releases – Belgium

From Malaysia to Congo, via Turkish Antwerp

Releases – France

The Players: Jean Dujardin dares

28 February 2012

Ventes – France

Camille Claudel for Bruno Dumont

24 February 2012

Releases – Italy

Faenza’s Someday this Pain will Be Useful to You out in cinemas

23 February 2012

Box Office – Switzerland

Admissions in Switzerland remain stable

Releases – Italy

Aimless generation and incest in Matteo Rovere’s Drifters

22 February 2012

Releases – France

Daniel Auteuil: "Today’s violence"

21 February 2012

Distribution – Italy

The phenomenon Intouchables in Italy with Medusa, who plans a remake

15 February 2012

Releases – Belgium

A father, a son, and films for children

Releases – France

The Life of Another : Juliette Binoche everywhere

08 February 2012

Releases – France

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy among a flurry of good films

07 February 2012

Releases – Italy

Sex and feelings in 3D in Brizzi’s Com'è bello far l'amore

06 February 2012

Exhibitors – Italy

Liberalisation of setting up cinemas is scrapped

03 February 2012

Releases – Spain

Promoción fantasma, or the proof that good teen comedies exist

02 February 2012

Exhibitors – Italy

Setting up a multiplex will be easier. Anec: city cinemas at risk

01 February 2012

Releases – France

La Vérité si je mens! 3 and On a Plank in a time of globalisation

30 January 2012

Releases – Romania

Record number of domestic releases in 2012

27 January 2012

Releases – Italy

On the Path in cinemas with Fandango

26 January 2012

Releases – Netherlands

Black Out joins crowded field of local films

25 January 2012

Releases – France

Of Women and Horses: power, class struggles and horse-riding

Releases – Norway

Næss’s Into the White could end in black after accusations of copyright infringement

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