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Pablo has a crush on Craj


Pablo has a crush on Craj

Once upon a time, a small production house would do anything to produce a movie on its own. Eventually, a film came out with eight prints and became a mini-cult movie. Il caricatore by and with Eugenio Cappuccio, Massimo Gaudioso and Fabio Nunziata (as themselves) will be rerun by Pablo Film, directed by Gianluca Arcopinto who is convinced this small-budget film is still very modern.

For next season, Pablo will nevertheless count on a brand new film, Craj by Davide Marengo, a musical film selected for the Venice Days. Among the other titles in Pablo’s line-up, there is also Bambini, five stories about childhood interpreted by a team of children directed by Michele Rho, Devor de Pascalis, Alessio Federici, and Gianluca Arcopinto himself. 'In November, Arcopinto says, we will release Giravolte and Motoboy. The former is an almost experimental work by Carola Spadoni, while the latter is a documentary Cesar Meneghetti and Elisabetta Pandimigli shot in Brazil while the whole country was rejoicing at Lula's electoral victory.'

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