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In Darkness: record release in the UK


- Metrodome today releases Agnieszka Holland's Oscar-nominated film in cinemas accross the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In Darkness: record release in the UK

"If the film is a success, it will open the door to Polish cinema in Great Britain." Distribution company Metrodome today released 45 copies of In Darkness by Agnieszka Holland, a film recently nominated for an Oscar for best foreign film, in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and is clear about its ambitions.

According to Jezz Vernon (Metrodome) on the website Stopklatka, the film's release strategy is counting on the over 450,000 Polish living in the British Isles to bring their local friends to see the film with them.

(The article continues below - Commercial information)

"In Darkness will be the most widely distributed Polish film in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and has benefitted from the highest investment for a Polish film's promotional campaign ever in Poland." The film does not aim to make it to the top of the box office, but will most likely attract a large audience.

In Darkness tells the story of the Polish Leopold Socha (played by Robert Więckiewicz) who hid a group of Jews threatened with extermination in the Lvov sewers during the Second World War.

While In Darkness sets off on its conquest of new territories, Agnieszka Holland has already started shooting Burning Bush, a film in three episodes produced by HBO Czech Republic and based on the story of Jan Palach, a Czech student who set fire to himself in Prague on January 16, 1969 to protest against the Soviet occupation of his country. The film is to feature Tatiana Pauhofova, Jaroslava Pokorna, and Petr Strach. Shooting is due to end in May.

(Translated from French)

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