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Óliver Laxe preparing his third film, A Sun That Never Sets


- The award-winning director of Mimosas is returning to the Galicia of his forebears this summer, where he will shoot a movie that addresses the fear and fascination sparked by fire

Óliver Laxe preparing his third film, A Sun That Never Sets
Óliver Laxe, during the casting for A Sun That Never Sets (© Antón Corbal)

“I really feel like going back to Galicia, renovating the house where I want to live, out in the middle of nowhere, and making culture: I want to create a meeting point and a creative hub for Galician filmmakers, as films have already been shot there. It's located at the gateway to the region, right next to León and Asturias,” Oliver Laxe told Cineuropa a few months ago. And it would appear that the first step towards this goal is about to be taken, because after a thorough casting process in Galicia, this summer the shoot will kick off for A Sun That Never Sets (original title Aquilo que arde), the third feature by this audacious and sensitive filmmaker of Galician heritage, who was born in Paris and normally resides in Morocco, where he shot his previous films, You All Are Captains [+see also:
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and Mimosas [+see also:
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, which won awards at Cannes, Seville and Cairo, among other festivals.

Os Ancares, Becerreá, Navia de Suarna, Cervantes y Viveiro, in the province of Lugo, where the director's family hails from, will serve as the shooting locations for A Sun That Never Sets, which stars his pet actor, Shakib Ben Omar, and other non-professionals (a common feature of Laxe's movies). In addition, it will see the involvement of students – from various places all around the world – from the Master in Creative Documentary at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, which commissioned the project and is also where Laxe teaches. “It's a kind of assignment on identity, fires and infernos,” explains Laxe about the film, which revolves around a man recently released from prison, who has a deadly fascination with flames.

The film's screenplay was penned by Laxe, who co-wrote it with his usual writing partner, Santiago Fillol. It will be shot in the Galician language. Diego Romero will serve as the DoP, and the movie will be produced by Miramemira SL, in conjunction with AGADIC and Televisión de Galicia. Following its participation in the CineMart at the recent International Film Festival Rotterdam, negotiations are now under way with potential French and Portuguese partners.

(Translated from Spanish)

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