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BERLIN 2018 Generation

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Berlin's 41st Generation is dreaming with its eyes wide open


- The first 16 films selected for the youth section at the Berlinale (8 for Generation 14plus, 8 for Kplus) boast 16 countries among their producers and co-producers

Berlin's 41st Generation is dreaming with its eyes wide open
303 by Hans Weingartner

This 41st edition of Generation, the youth section at Berlin Film Festival which uncovers beautiful films made by the younger generation, will focus on the theme of "on true fairy tales and magical realities." As its director, Maryanne Redpath, pointed out, the idea is to share stories that children and young people can relate to, and that can help them understand life, the world and its difficulties, while forging their own cinematic culture and offering them a beautiful and joyous adventure that will hopefully inspire them to continue to watch films.

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Sixteen titles have already been announced, eight for the Generation 14plus sub-section and eight for the Generation Kplus section, with sixteen countries represented among the films’ producers and co-producers (including Germany with Hans Weingartner, the Netherlands with Nanouk Leopold, Denmark, Sweden, France and Belgium, on the European side). The films explore the imagination of children, while highlighting the contradictions of the adult world. The selection will be complete by mid-January.

The first titles selected in the Generation section at the 68th Berlin Film Festival (15 to 25 February):

Generation 14plus

303 - Hans Weingartner (Germany)
CobainNanouk Leopold (The Netherlands/Belgium/Germany)
Denmark - Kasper Rune Larsen (Denmark)
The Pigeon - Banu Sıvacı (Turkey)
Virus Tropical - Santiago Caicedo (Colombia)
Fake Tattoos - Pascal Plante (Canada) 
Red Cow - Tsivia Barkai (Israel)
Unicorn - Eduardo Nunes (Brazil) 

Generation Kplus

Cléo & Paul - Stéphane Demoustier (France)
The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear - Philip Einstein Lipski, Amalie Næsby Fick, Jørgen Lerdam (Denmark)
Gordon & Paddy - Linda Hambäck (Sweden)
My Giraffe - Barbara Bredero (the Netherlands/Belgium/Germany) 
El día que resistía - Alessia Chiesa (Argentina/France)
Supa Modo - Likarion Wainaina (Germany/Kenya)
The Seen and Unseen - Kamila Andini (Indonesia/the Netherlands/Australia/Qatar)
Les Rois mongols - Luc Picard (Canada)

(Translated from French)

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