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Bélgica registra 150.000 espectadores más en 2017


- En inglés: La cifra desvelada la pasada semana muestra un ligero aumento de los espectadores con respecto al descenso registrado en 2016

Bélgica registra 150.000 espectadores más en 2017
F.C. De Kampioenen 3: Forever, de Jan Verheyen

Este artículo está disponible solo en inglés.

With a total of 19.55 million admissions in 2017, Belgium welcomed 150,000 more viewers into its cinemas than in 2016. A slight increase (+0.76%), which is somewhat dampened by the disappointing figures recorded in 2016, a year marked by the attacks on 22 March.

The FCB (Fédération des cinémas de Belgique), the non-profit organisation Cinedata and the ABDF (association des distributeurs de films) also reported a total turnover of €161 million in 2017, compared with just €148.2 million in 2016. The three associations remain confident, and look forward to a promising year in 2018. The recovery observed at the end of 2016 did indeed continue into 2017, the supply is still there (there's not been a decrease in the number of releases), and cinemas have made big investments.

In general, Belgium’s average cinema attendance per capita is higher than the average European figures – almost twice a year per inhabitant. Not surprisingly, American films monopolise three quarters of Belgium’s annual turnover, accounting for around 76% of total ticket sales (for only 31% of films). European films represent 13.7% of the total turnover, while accounting for about half of all releases. The number of Belgian productions has increased (34 in 2016 to 45 in 2017, or 8.5% of releases), accounting for 8.4% of the total turnover (€13.6 million). 

Flemish films dominate the Belgian box office, although none of them feature in the top 10, with the Belgian box office led by F.C. De Kampioenen 3: Forever, racking up 309,692 admissions just 10 days after being released! Next on the list is the animated film by Ben Stassen and Vincent Kesteloot, Bigfoot Junior [+lee también:
film focus
ficha del filme
, with 212,633 admissions (a film which qualifies as from Brussels), followed closely by Double Face (206,933 admissions). With 42,000 admissions, A Wedding [+lee también:
film focus
ficha del filme
by Stephan Streker is the top French film to feature in the general rankings.

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