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Chiara Nano

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30 articles available in total starting from 18/05/2002. Last article published on 19/12/2005.

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Scamarcio Italian nominee

Riccardo Scamarcio is the Italian nominee for the Shooting Star 2006, which will see 20 young, emerging European actors vying for the prize during next February’s Berlin Film Festival. The...  

19/12/2005 | Shooting Stars | Italy

Roberto Faenza • Director

Interview: Roberto Faenza • Director

Detective of the Soul

The Italian director comes back with The Soul's Keeper about Sabine Spielrein, Carl Gustav Jung's patient and lover  


Bellucci’s genetic mutations

Bellucci’s genetic mutations

Monica Belluci will be shooting a new film by German director Jens Elhler in Trieste. Styx is a thriller about genetic modifications. Bellucci's co-stars will be John Malkovich and Tim Roth  

12/12/2002 | Actresses | Italy

Roma, not only Europe

European cinema is the special guest of the 7th edition of the Roma Film Festival. Directed by film critic and director, Edoardo Bruno and promoted by the Municipality of Rome, the event is...  

04/12/2002 | Festivals | Italy

The Developer job

The Developer job

New film professions such as developer or film editor have gradually established their place in the film industry. These roles act as mediators between the director and the producer.  


A Woman of the North

A Woman of the North

After being released the world over - Australia, Benelux, China, Germany, Scandinavia and South Africa - the film by Dutch director Franz Weizs and set on the eve of the 20th century, reaches Italy  

21/10/2002 | Films | Italy/Netherlands

Immigration in seven stories

"The European laws on immigration, including the ones in Italy, are hypocritical. To maintain the same level of development in the next fifty years, Europe needs to have immigrants. And yet we...  

04/10/2002 | Television | Europe

Paolo Virzì

Interview: Paolo Virzì

Disorganised filmmaking

The director describes his American adventure - and misadventures - during the making of My Name is Tanino, screened out of competition  


Sandra Nettelbeck

Interview: Sandra Nettelbeck

«Hollywood? I prefer my Martha!»

German filmmaker talks about her hit directorial debut, Mostly Martha, the energy of her protagonist and bids a definitive farewell to Hollywood  


Recipe for love

Recipe for love

Sandra Nettelbeck's bows with Mostly Martha, a culinary love story  

03/06/2002 | Films | Germany

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