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Valeria Chiari

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290 articles available in total starting from 19/05/2002. Last article published on 06/04/2004.

La reivindicaciones del FAPAE

El pasado 2 de abril el FAPAE, Federación de Asociaciones de Productores Audiovisuales Españoles, ha presentado al nuevo gobierno socialista sus reivindicaciones en materia fiscal. Entre las...  

06/04/2004 | Instituciones | España

Ines Paris and Daniela Fejerman

Interview: Ines Paris and Daniela Fejerman

Women in love

The debut film by the Spanish screenwriters, Ines Paris and Daniela Fejerman, My Mother Likes Women, is about a modern family, which puts tradition to one side, to love with more freedom  


Christmas made in the USA

The Spanish box office was definitely under the shadow of America and its blockbusters released for the holiday season. The big hit in Spain over Christmas was the third episode of the Lord of the...  

30/12/2003 | Box Office | Spain

European films under the Christmas tree

European films under the Christmas tree

Christmas is traditionally dominated by American blockbusters. But this year there is also a excellent selection of European films. Quantity vs. quality?  

23/12/2003 | New Releases | Europe

An all-animated web

The portal, in collaboration with the Festival of Fantastic Cinema of Bilbao has announced a competition for animated films for web space Applications,...  

22/12/2003 | Competitions | Spagna

The Declaration of Malaga signed

The first gathering of the European Film Commissions has ended with the signing of the Declaration of Malaga. The 125 representatives of the Film Commissions in France, Germany, Ireland, Britain,...  

19/12/2003 | Meetings | Spain

Eurimages’ Xmas package

In its latest meeting held in Strasburg on December 1, the committee running the European Council Eurimages Fund for the European cinematographic industry, has awarded grants totalling €4.15m to...  

17/12/2003 | Production | Europe

The future in Malaga

The first conference organissed by the Spanish Film Commission will be held in Malaga, tomorrow, December 18. This is will be the first time that all the heads of the national Spanish Film...  

17/12/2003 | Film Commissions | Spain

Aznar helps cinema

Over the last few days, the Spanish prime minister, José Maria Aznar, has announced additional funding for production, through the Film Protection Fund: there will be a further €27.8m added to the...  

15/12/2003 | Funding | Spain

Les 10 maîtres selon Variety

Les 10 maîtres selon Variety

D’Almodovar à Winterbottom, en passant par les Dardenne et von Trier: le magazine américain a dressé la liste des dix ‘maîtres’ du Vieux Continent. Une confirmation pour le berceau du cinéma d’auteur  

03/12/2003 | Europe

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