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Valerio Caruso

134 articles available in total starting from 26/09/2002. Last article published on 09/03/2021.

A new MEGA course

The MEDIA BUSINESS SCHOOL, audiovisual training institution supported by European Union’s program MEDIA PLUS, has just launched a new formatted MEGA training (Master in Audiovisual Management) for...  

08/03/2005 | Training | Europe

Co-production agreement on-line

The European Audiovisual Observatory has published on its website information on all the European bilateral co-production agreements between the different countries. These treaties (more than 50...  

25/02/2005 | Industry | Europe

The challenges for RAI Fiction

Max Gusberti is the deputy director of RAI Fiction and in charge of the production of animated cartoons. What is RAI Fiction’s editorial policy in the animation sector? "Since it was created, RAI...  


Iain Harvey, producteur "illuminé"

Iain Harvey est producteur de séries d'animation et dirige la société The Illuminated Film Company. Iain était présent au Cartoon Forum de Varese du 17 au 20 septembre 2003 où il a présenté...  


Manuel Cristóbal, 3D producer

The 2004 edition of the Cartoon Forum will be taking place in Spain, at San Sebastian in Galicia. Manuel Cristóbal is the executive producer at Dygra Film, the production company based in La...  


The capital of Animated films

The capital of Animated films

"I created Gino the Chicken, but he has possessed me, now I behave like a chicken. I think its contagious…. To free me from this I'll make a TV series, I'll lose Gino in the web". The words of...  


Cartoon Forum Varese 2003 - The European market for animation cine

Cartoon Forum Varese 2003
The European market for animation cine

In September 2003, for the 14th edition of the European market of animation films, the Cartoon Forum, Varese was turned into the cartoon capital. The article presents a list of future projects for...  


Sylvain Chomet • Director

Interview: Sylvain Chomet • Director

“Animation is like mime”

An interview with the director of Les Triplettes de Belleville, a success at the last Cannes Film Festival: «There’s too much dialogue in films»  


The Euromed Programme in Cannes

The MEDA funded Euromed Audiovisual Regional Programme will for the first time be present at the Cannes Film Festival, whose latest edition will be held in the French Riviera resort from 14 to 25...  

09/05/2003 | EU Audiovisual

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