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Jan Lumholdt

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197 articles available in total starting from 15/03/2018. Last article published on 12/09/2022.

Anna Odell  • Director of X&Y

Interview: Anna Odell • Director of X&Y

“I have decided that art is more important than fear”

We sat down with Swedish director Anna Odell to talk about how she explores gender identity in a limitless world between fiction and reality in X&Y  

16/11/2018 | Stockholm 2018

Review: X&Y

Review: X&Y

Swedish filmmaker Anna Odell’s second directorial outing is a stimulating ride teetering between the sublime and the ridiculous  

15/11/2018 | Stockholm 2018

Review: An Army of Lovers

Review: An Army of Lovers

Swedish director Ingrid Ryberg has crafted a vivid account of the 1970s gay rights movement in her home country  

13/11/2018 | Stockholm 2018

Gastón Solnicki  • Director

Interview: Gastón Solnicki • Director

“The making of this film was spontaneous, personal, intense, and even exorcistic”

We spoke to Gastón Solnicki, whose Introduzione all'oscuro was shot in Vienna in 13 days and captures his bond with the city as well as one of its most colourful inhabitants  

02/11/2018 | Viennale 2018

Review: Introduzione all’oscuro

Review: Introduzione all’oscuro

Gastón Solnicki has crafted an affectionate, handwritten account of friendship both in this life and beyond it  

02/11/2018 | Viennale 2018

Woman at War wins the 2018 Nordic Council Film Prize

Woman at War wins the 2018 Nordic Council Film Prize

Iceland’s Benedikt Erlingsson has scored his second win at the grandest of the Nordic cinema awards  

31/10/2018 | Awards | Nordic countries

Review: The Bear

Review: The Bear

Johannes Stjärne Nilsson’s short is an exquisite little morality tale about nature, instincts and blueberries  

18/10/2018 | Warsaw 2018

Tuva Novotny  • Director

Interview: Tuva Novotny • Director

"The core of the film is an account of our shortcomings in being able to address mental illness"

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2018: One of Scandinavia's most enduring actresses, Tuva Novotny, branches out into directing with Blind Spot, which we discussed with her  

28/09/2018 | San Sebastián 2018 | Competition

Camilla Strøm Henriksen • Director

Interview: Camilla Strøm Henriksen • Director

“The children give us a strong feeling of hope at the end”

TORONTO 2018: Norway’s Camilla Strøm Henriksen makes a Scandinavian tradition untraditional in her feature debut, Phoenix  

17/09/2018 | Toronto 2018 | Discovery

Giorgio Treves • Director

Interview: Giorgio Treves • Director

“A pure Italian race? That’s a joke, right?”

VENICE 2018: Few people know much about a particularly dark page in Italy’s history, and Giorgio Treves is making sure that changes with documentary 1938 Diversi  

12/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Out of Competition

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