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Camillo De Marco

3227 articles available in total starting from 16/05/2002. Last article published on 20/04/2021.

Robert Manthoulis

Interview: Robert Manthoulis

A director & his alter-ego

In Lilly's Story one Greek director makes a film about another Greek director making a film about the country he was born in and still yearns for  


Stephen Frears • Director

Interview: Stephen Frears • Director

Stephen’s broken hearts

The latest from the English director is a tale of illegal organ trafficking as a metaphor for life in the shadows and exploitation  


Special Events

Special Events

11 films that, without hypocrisy, tell the human side of the immense global tragedy that was September, 11  


The Minister's Plans

Giuliano Urbani's planned reforms for Italian cinema based on UK & French systems  

03/09/2002 | Legislation | Italy

Out of competition - Ten Minutes Older

Out of competition - Ten Minutes Older

Producer Nicholas McClintock talks about the Ten Minutes Older project, based on Calvino’s “Six Memos for the Next Millennium”  


Legislation - Italy

Legislation - Italy

In Venice, Giuliano Urbani illustrates the reforms to Itay's film industry, with France & the UK as role models  


Controcorrente - Vendredi soir

Controcorrente - Vendredi soir

It's Friday Night in Paris and a man and a woman meet and fall in love while stuck in a traffic jam  


Winfried Bonengel • Director

Interview: Winfried Bonengel • Director

Genesis of a NeoNazi

A conversation with the cast and director of Führer Ex (in competition), the dramatic story of a young East German man’s allegiance to an Extreme Right organisation  


Lukas Moodysson

Interview: Lukas Moodysson

My Desperate Teenagers

Lukas Moodysson’s Lilja 4-Ever, is in Venice. Ingmar Bergman himself considers his youthful countryman, a “master” of filmmaking  


Controcorrente - Lilja 4-ever

Controcorrente - Lilja 4-ever

The screening of Swedish director, Lukas Moodysson's Lilja 4-Ever. A poetic and heartbreaking story of female prostitution in Europe  


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