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Dorota Hartwich

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539 articles available in total starting from 02/06/2005. Last article published on 16/08/2017.

Wenders opens Warsaw Film Fest

Wenders opens Warsaw Film Fest

Wim Wenders will officially open today the 21st edition of the International Film Festival of Warsaw (from the 7th to the 16th of October). With about a hundred unreleased films in Poland, the...  

07/10/2005 | Festivals | Poland

Komornik prepares to run the race

Komornik (The Usher – read news 16/09), Feliks Falk's new film will represent Polish cinema during the 2006 Oscar for the best Foreign Language Film. The film premiered in Gdynia's Polish Film...  

03/10/2005 | Oscar 2006 | Poland

Stories of Galicia in the Making

Opowieści galicyjskie (Stories of Galicia), Dariusz Jabłoński's next film will trace the steps of a European born in the 70's. In this feature Jabłoński, Krzysztof Kieślowski's old assistant in...  

29/09/2005 | Production | Poland

Krauze: „Filming to defend a cause”

The film is based on the real story of a woman who tries to kill her children before committing suicide. The film is Krysztof Krauze's new production Plac Zbawiciela (The Redeemer's place), (My...  

27/09/2005 | Production | Poland

A director for the Polish Film Centre

Agnieszka Odorowicz, former member of the Ministry of Culture, has just been elected to manage the Polish Film Centre, a new institution created by the film Law, voted last July ( 08/29.) A...  

26/09/2005 | Institutions | Poland

Grass, the 'good toad'

Wróżby kumka (The call of the toad), adapted by Robert Gliński from Günter Grass' novel, was released yesterday in Poland. This film was much awaited since it deals with the relations between...  

23/09/2005 | Release | Poland

Komornik wins the prize

Komornik wins the prize

All generations were represented on the podium of the 30th Gdynia Polish Film Festival. The decision of the jury, presided over by Andrzej Wajda, matched most expectations. Indeed, Komornik (the...  

19/09/2005 | Festivals | Poland

Falk is back

Komornik (the usher), Feliks Falk's first film after 10 years away from the screen, has been one of the most applauded films so far at the Gdynia Polish Film Festival. Wodzirej (Top Dog – 1977),...  

16/09/2005 | Festivals | Poland

Franco de Peña goes Polish

Of the two million people who are sold every year in the world, 200,000 are women, 15,000 of which are Polish. This terrible statistics inspired Franco de Peña the film Masz na imię Justine ("Your...  

15/09/2005 | Festivals | Poland

The most poetic Polish filmmaker is in Gdynia

Is sacrifice necessary to understand who we are and realise how important love and friendship are? This is the main topic of Maestro, the new film by Piotr Trzaskalski which was presented...  

14/09/2005 | Festivals | Poland

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