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Dorota Hartwich

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539 articles available in total starting from 02/06/2005. Last article published on 16/08/2017.

End for the Polish Media Desk

After three years, the Polish Media Desk is shutting down. The Polish branch of the European institution, designed to inform and advise film professionals on funding (esp. MEDIA), is operating for...  

30/06/2005 | Institutions | Poland

Brodeuses wins the Prize

Brodeuses wins the Prize

Eléonore Faucher and Leszek Dawid are the big winners at the Koszalin International First Film Festival ("Mlodzi i film" – 'Youth and the cinema') which took place from the 21st to the 25th of...  

27/06/2005 | Festivals | Poland

Nikifor in competition in Karlovy Vary

Nikifor in competition in Karlovy Vary

Krzysztof Krauze's film Moj Nikifor, recalling the story of the great naif painter Nikifor (1895 - 1968) will represent Polish cinema at the 40th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Krauze's...  

21/06/2005 | Festivals | Czech Republic

Wajda shooting Post mortem

Wajda shooting Post mortem

Post mortem the new feature by Andrzej Wajda, the most famous of Polish filmmakers, Oscar winner in 2000, deals with the crimes at Katyn in 1940. The idea for the project, recalling the massacre...  

17/06/2005 | Production | Poland

An opportunity for first-timers

An opportunity for first-timers

Every year, from 2005, the sum of 250.000 euros (a million zlotys), will be assigned to Polish first-time directors. While the new film finance law is waiting to be voted on in the Senate and...  

15/06/2005 | Finance | Poland

Andrzej Zulawski • Director

Interview: Andrzej Zulawski • Director

"Cinema must be as a peacock's tail"


Danish film wins in Cracow

The Golden Dragon at the Cracow International Film Festival went to two winners ex-aequo, two documentaries focusing on the condition of women in Iran: Prostitution behind the Veil, a Danish...  

09/06/2005 | Festivals | Poland

The East out of fashion?

For some years Poland has been absent from the official selection at the Cannes festival. However, during the two final decades of the 20th century Polish cinema was capable of making a mark on...  

03/06/2005 | Festivals | Poland

Zulawski godfather to young auteurs at Wroclaw

Zulawski godfather to young auteurs at Wroclaw

In order to better understand, appreciate and promote the potential of young talent Andrzej Zulawski (The Main Thing Is to Love, Possession, The Public Woman, Blue Note) accepted to preside over...  

02/06/2005 | Festivals | Poland

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