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Sakis Kontos

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140 articles available in total starting from 25/03/2005. Last article published on 12/06/2007.

Europe’s up and coming directors in Bratislava

Some of Europe’s up and coming talent are among the nineteen directors who are competing with either their first or second feature for the Grand Prix at the 7th Bratislava International Film...  

02/12/2005 | Festivals | Slovakia

Thessaloniki may expand Crossroads networking section

Thessaloniki International Film Festival organizers are thinking of expanding the length of Crossroads, the main networking event from three to five days, to accommodate increasing interest from...  

01/12/2005 | Market | Greece

Slovakia’s cinema going plunges

Slovakia’s audiovisual sector has added yet another chapter in its troubled history of late when it was confirmed that the country tops the list with the largest percentage drops in cinema visits...  

30/11/2005 | Box Office | Slovakia

Steen Agro • Director

Interview: Steen Agro • Director

The toughest project of his life


Chariton’s Choir chosen as country’s top film

For Thessaloniki Film Festival president George Corraface the party goes on. A day after he declared the event officially over, Chariton’s Choir (I horodia tou Charitona), the film in which the...  

29/11/2005 | Awards | Greece

Troch wins Golden Alexander for Someone Else’s Happiness

Troch wins Golden Alexander for Someone Else’s Happiness

Can one be happy with someone else’s happiness? The answer is ‘yes’ if you ask director Fien Troch. The young Belgian woman triumphed in the 46th Thessaloniki International Film Festival which she...  

28/11/2005 | Festivals | Greece

Pavel Strnad • Producer

Interview: Pavel Strnad • Producer

Initial instinct paid off

Pavel Strnad had a good feeling before embarking on the project with Bohdan Slama, simply because he has seen his previous work  


Bohdan Slama • Director

Interview: Bohdan Slama • Director

Pleased when the viewer is pleased

His films, he says, are everyday stories that are told by him and judged by the viewer. If they accept them, it’s fine. In any case, he has to move on and prepare yet another tale  


Something Like Happiness

Something Like Happiness

Combining quality cinema with festival acknowledgement and box office success is a tricky task. It seems that Bohdan Slama has got the recipe with that film regarded as the pleasant surprise of 2005  

24/11/2005 | Films | Reviews

Balkan Fund initiative attracts interest

Four Balkan filmmakers were given the thumbs up by the industry for their projects when they won the Balkan Fund Development Awards, handed out during the Thessaloniki Film Festival, November 18th...  

23/11/2005 | Market | Greece

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