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by Iura Luncaşu


Tears of Love, the first Romanian spin-off, picks up the story from where it has been left off by the tremendously successful 200-episodes prime time long running series with the same name. The movie is focused on Alexandra and Andrei. Alexandra is now the owner of Grigore Varlam's company while Andrei is a successful actor. Even if they didn’t meet during the past year, their feelings for each other are still strong and Andrei does not hesitate to help Alexandra when needed. The situation becomes complicated when Varlam and Amalia, allegedly deceased in a plane crash, return and decide to regain their fortune.

international title: Tears of Love
original title: Lacrimi de iubire
country: Romania
sales agent: MediaPro Pictures
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Iura Luncaşu
release date: RO 19/09/2005
screenplay: Eugen Patriche
cast: Dan Bordeianu, Adela Popescu, Nicole Gheorghiu, Lucian Viziru, Elvira Deatcu, Constantin Cotimanis, Carmen Tanase, Nicoleta Luciu
cinematography by: C. Bebi-Cojocaru
film editing: Mihai Mitici
art director: Vraciu Eduard Daniel
costumes designer: Radu Mada
music: Florin Sever
producer: Andrei Boncea
production: MediaPro Pictures
distributor: MediaPro Distribution
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