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by Theodor-Halacu Nicon


A modern fairy tale focused on the hilarious story of three brothers – a garbage man, a dog catcher and a passionate fan of soap operas - who came to Bucharest to pursue their dreams. The youngest brother falls in love with the daughter of a local Gipsy mogul. To win her heart and her hand in marriage, the three brothers, like in fairy tales, are put to three tests meant to prove that the main character is worthy of her.

international title: Three Loony Brothers
original title: Trei frati de belea
country: Romania
sales agent: MediaPro Pictures
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Theodor-Halacu Nicon
release date: RO 17/11/2006
screenplay: Mugur Mihaescu, Radu Pietreanu
cast: Mugur Mihaescu, Radu Pietreanu, Mirela Stoian, Florin Petrescu, Julian Ilinca, Andreea Doinea
cinematography by: Marius Ivascu
film editing: Tiberiu Teodorescu
art director: Monica Sorescu
costumes designer: Gabriela Ricsan
music: Radu Draganescu
producer: Andrei Boncea
production: MediaPro Pictures
distributor: MediaPro Distribution
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