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by Carlo Vanzina


Southern, single and hypochondriac, Roby, a bank clerk, finds out from a lung X-ray that he is suffering from an incurable disease: he has only one month left to live and decides to spend it in the Caribbean. Meanwhile, Vincenzo is a Neapolitan dentist married to a very jealous woman who is unable to stop him from having flings: in fact, Vincenzo has a very beautiful lover. Angelo is a driver, or rather a slave to Remo, a builder, and is forced to go with him to the Caribbean. These and other stories are woven into an unforgettable, hilarious summer in the most fascinating islands in the world.

original title: Un'estate ai Caraibi
country: Italy
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Carlo Vanzina
release date: IT 12/06/2009
screenplay: Enrico Vanzina, Carlo Vanzina
cast: Gigi Proietti, Enrico Brignano, Martina Stella, Maurizio Mattioli, Alena Seredova, Carlo Buccirosso, Biagio Izzo, Paolo Ruffini, Enrico Bertolino, Paolo Conticini, Sascha Zacharias
cinematography by: Claudio Zamarion
film editing: Raimondo Crociani
music: Manuel De Sica, Luigi Mas
distributor: Medusa Film
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