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by Jon Lindström


Per is a man who’s reached rock bottom in life and society, though he doesn’t lack dignity. He refuses to accept charity and he does his morning exercise, he makes a living collecting cans and exists without a home, social security number or social control - quite an achievement in today’s Sweden. Per unexpectedly receives a large amount of money and starts a journey to reconciliation with the people he thinks he let down thirty years ago.

international title: All It Takes Is a Miracle
original title: Pieniä ihmeitä (Små mirakel och stora)
country: Finland, Sweden
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Jon Lindström
release date: FI 05/12/2008
screenplay: Rita Holst, Jon Lindström
cast: Peter Haber, Amanda Renberg, Per Mattsson, Antti Reini, Michalis Koutsogiannakis, Joakim Lindblad, Rachel Mohlin, Janne 'Loffe' Carlsson, Tuva Novotny
cinematography by: Jens Fischer
film editing: Malin Lindström, Mischa Leszczylowski
art director: Staffan Erstam
costumes designer: Lena Asperman
producer: Claes Olsson
production: Kinoproduction Oy, FilmLance International AB, Finlands Svenska Television (FST)
backing: Eurimages
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