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by Mihàly Györik


Matteo, a boy from the city, goes to visit his grandfather in a secluded mountain village, where preparations for a local ancient festival are under way. Matteo meets with his cousin with Lidia, who is also from the city, and three other boys from the village. The group of kids begins a dangerous game, bringing up obscure mysteries that are rooted in the past of that mountain valley. Matteo thus goes through a sort of initiation, at the end of which he is able to exorcise his fears, but only after becoming uncomfortably conscious of the existence of evil.

original title: La valle delle ombre
country: Switzerland, Italy, Hungary
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Mihàly Györik
screenplay: Mihàly Györik, Sandrone Dazieri, Eraldo Baldini, Giampiero Rigosi
cast: Andrea Osvárt, Teco Celio, Mari Törõcsik, Jean-François Balmer, Diego Gaffuri, Hunyadkürty György, Miklós Székely B., Michele Andrei, Sebastiano Galeppi, Natalia Fantoni
cinematography by: Francisco Gózon
film editing: Péter Politzer
art director: Petra Barchi
costumes designer: Roberta Pontiggia
music: Paul Glass
production: Riforma Film SA, Downtown Pictures, Focus Film, RSI - Radiotelevisione Svizzera di Lingua Italiana, Archangel SA
distributor: Frenetic Films
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