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by Ventura Durall


In 1994, Andrés Rabadán gave himself up to the police after derailing three trains and killing his father with a crossbow. He was declared not guilty on being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and committed to a penitentiary psychiatric ward for 20 years. Eleven years later, contrary to his doctors’ opinion, Andrés thinks he’s cured and tries to escape on realising his slim chances of getting out.

international title: The two lives of Andres Rabadan
original title: Las dos vidas de Andrés Rabadán
country: Spain
sales agent: Insomnia World Sales
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Ventura Durall
film run: 84'
screenplay: Ventura Durall, Enric Alvárez, Andrés Rabadán
cast: Àlex Brendemühl, Mar Ulldemolins, Clara Segura, Andrés Herrera, Cristina García
cinematography by: Mauro Herce
film editing: Martí Roca
art director: Marina Pozanco
costumes designer: Irene Orts
music: Toni Mir
producer: Ventura Durall, Oscar Romagosa
production: Nanouk Films, Briznormally, Televisió de Catalunya (TV3)
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