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by Péter Gothár


As was the case in Sam Mendes' film American Beauty, this "Beauty" features a disintegrating family. Andras is a food technician who has tired of his wife, Margo, and is looking for a bit of adventure. He finds some with one of his teenage daughter Erna's girlfriends. Erna, meanwhile, takes up with the shy son of a neighbor, Orosz, a former Russian officer who stayed on in Hungary after the country gained its political independence. While Margo has a liberating affair with a younger man, Andras and the girl young enough to be his daughter experience a disappointing and frustrating relationship.

international title: Hungarian Beauty
original title: Magyar szépség
country: Hungary
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Péter Gothár
film run: 112'
release date: HU 24/08/2006
screenplay: Péter Gothár, Pál Závada
cast: Dorottya Udvaros, Gábor Máté, Gabriella Hámori, Ági Szirtes, Anna Szandtner, Iván Fenyö, Enikö Börcsök, Ernõ Fekete, Sergei Ruskin, Réka Pelsőczy
cinematography by: Tamás Babos, Francisco Gózon
film editing: Anna Kornis
art director: Berta Csikszentmihályi, Péter Gothár, Zsolt Khell
costumes designer: János Breckl
music: András Lovasi, György Orbán
producer: Jozsef Berger, István Kardos
production: Mythberg Films, Duna Workshop (Duna Mühely)
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