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by Dima El-Horr


The streets of Beirut are packed with people and demonstrators. In the meantime, three women who do not know each other, get on the same bus, travelling to the same place, Mermel prison where their men are locked up, but with different aims in mind. The journey towards their destination seems fairly trouble free, but then all of a sudden an accident changes the situation. The three women are prey to their anxieties and female obsessions, lost in the middle of nowhere: they are surrounded by the arid desert landscape and experience a surreal vision, following dunes, mirages and the evocation of the revolution's martyrs.

international title: Every Day is a Holiday
original title: Chaque jour est une fête (Every Day is a Holiday)
country: France, Lebanon, Germany
sales agent: UDI - Urban Distribution International
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Dima El-Horr
film run: 85'
release date: FR 20/01/2010
screenplay: Dima El-Horr
cast: Raia Haidar, Manal Khader, Hiam Abbass, Karim Saleh, Nabil Abou Mrad, Fadi Abi Samta, Siro Faselian, Bilal Atoui, Berge Fasilian
cinematography by: Dominique Gentil
film editing: Jacques Comets
art director: Maia Tabet
costumes designer: Rana Jamal
music: Pierre Aviat
producer: Thierry Lenouvel, Nicole Gerhards, Sabine Sidawi-Hamdan, Hanneke Van Der Tas
production: Ciné-Sud Promotion, Nikovantastic Film, Orjouane Productions (LB)
backing: Medianboard Berlin Brandenburg, World Cinema Fund, CNC France, EED
distributor: Sophie Dulac Distribution
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