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by José Luis García Sánchez


Exiled Spanish poet and philosopher Maria Zambrano was a key personality in the '30s Spanish Republican movement. She was exiled when Franco came to power in 1939. Following an interview with the aging woman, journalist Lola is offered the chance to make her biopic, a project to which Zambrano agrees, after initial reluctance. Zambrano's recollections of her childhood and early involvement in politics are evoked by juxtaposing her words with old photos and footage. They double as a social and intellectual history of Republican Spain of the '30s.

original title: María querida
country: Spain
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: José Luis García Sánchez
film run: 91'
release date: ES 29/12/2004
screenplay: Rafael Azcona
cast: Pilar Bardem, María Botto, Alex O'Dogherty, María Galiana, Juan Diego, Mamen Godoy, Jordi Dauder, Mario Zorrilla, Esperanza de la Vega, Guillermo García Ramos
cinematography by: Juan Amorós
film editing: Vanesa L. Marimbert
art director: Sonia Nolla
costumes designer: Eva Arretxe
music: Antonio Meliveo
producer: Paco Lobatón, Antonio Pérez
production: Maestranza Films, Redacción7 Andalucía
distributor: Alta Films
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