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by Sabine Boss


On her eightieth birthday, a lawyer gives Frida Borel, the wealthy heiress of a textile fortune from St. Gallen, a mysterious pill from the legacy of her father, who died long ago. This miracle pill is supposed to relieve her of the misery and infirmity of old age. The effect is as surprising as it is far-reaching: Frida becomes physically young again, although she remains mentally the same age as before. But who is going to believe a 25-year-old who claims to be 80? Not even her long-time gardener, Roman, recognises her anymore. Suddenly Frida finds herself penniless. After being waited on her whole life, she now has to go to work for a living. And if that were not unsettling enough, her nephew Georg and his greedy wife, Eva, pilfer everything they can from of her villa. Frida has to acknowledge that her closest relatives would literally walk over her dead body if given the chance.

original title: Das Fräuleinwunder
country: Switzerland
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Sabine Boss
screenplay: Urs Bühler, Maike Franzen
cast: Stephanie Glaser, Mona Petri, Buddy Elias, Lotti Happle, Karin Pfammatter, Oscar Sales-Bingisser
cinematography by: Felix von Muralt
film editing: Benjamin Fueter
art director: Urs Beuter, Catharina Strebel, Chloé Pompon-Levainville
costumes designer: Bettina Marx
music: Marco Agovino
producer: Claudia Wick
production: Abrakadabra Films, SRF - Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
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